Many organizations, regardless of size, fail to gain full benefit from their ICT. We’ll address these shortcomings and help align your technology with business objectives so that you succeed through effective planning and best practice IT strategy.


Why ICT often fails

Technology is essential to the success of any organization, regardless of size and whether or not they have their own IT expertise. Unfortunately, it is also difficult to keep abreast of all the technology changes, let alone to develop a longer long-term view on how technology can help us move forward and even simply do what-we-do better.


For these sorts of reasons, we can tend to regard ICT as a cost, in terms of time, money, and distraction from our objectives. It can be such that it is no longer a part of strategic focus, or even a tactical means to gain short term benefits.


This is all understandable. However, the culture of ICT is changing: IT as a function is no longer hidden in the corner – a Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a full member of the board in many large companies, many going on to eventually become a Chief Executive. This reflects the fact the ICT is a critical enabler in business today.


For many organizations, though, having a member of the management team who is fully conversant with current technologies and with strategic management experience, has to remain a luxury, on the wish list until success and growth allow it.

But it needn’t be so.


How we can help with your ICT strategy

We partner with our clients with the express aim of assisting them to succeed through ICT.


We provide numerous ICT Management services that can be outsourced or can fit in with your own in-house IT team. This runs right the way up to your own virtual CIO or outsourced IT Director, who can be there whenever needed.


This will be a member of our senior consulting team, who has the knowledge and experience to pull everything together, work with you in the board room to align your technology with your business objectives, eliminate the risks of piecemeal IT, without costing anywhere near as much as a full time senior resource.


Their role will be to understand your longer-term ambitions and to ensure, with you, that ICT contributes to your success.


Strategic ICT areas where we can help

All members of our senior team have experience designing and implementing solutions to meet a wide range of business goals for all types of organization, from start-ups, and commercial enterprise, and through to public sector and education.