A well-managed ICT project makes all the difference in achieving success. We’ve got the experience, expertise and processes to make sure you succeed.


Your ideal partner for ICT Project Delivery

ICT infrastructure is likely to be one of the biggest capital investments your business will make. So it makes sense to seek independent, specialist advice from an expert before you commit to anything.


Our Project Delivery services

We will help you identify and realize ROI on your ICT investments and offer a full range of Project Delivery services. You can pick-and-mix for a tailored project, and choose the exact fit for your requirements, from full outsourcing to complimenting your IT team with specialist experience, knowledge and skills.


If your business wants to move ahead using ICT, or just requires a simple set of upgrades, a redesign of your current systems, or a brand new system implementation, ECOM HiTECH can help.


Structured Project Management

We follow a structured approach to Project Management to ensure success – it’s that attention to detail that makes all the difference.


Whether or not you want us to undertake formal management processes on your project, we use our own internal systems to manage and verify all progress, risks, ongoing costs, quality of work, adherence to timescales, and as a reference back to your goals.


Our Project Management life-cycle



  • Strategy – understanding your needs, discussion, audits, research, advice
  • Design – review options, recommendation, business case, solution design, proposals
  • Transition – approval, purchasing, project management, installation, training, review
  • Operation – support services, monitoring, remote management, patching and updates
  • Improvement – change management, client reviews, reconsider objectives, new technologies