Manage-IT is our premium IT support package offering a fully outsourced IT department, from expert technical resource up to strategic planning at director level, tailored for your specific needs.



Manage-IT premium support package

We recognize that all our clients are different. For this reason, we’ve made sure that our IT support systems and practices are flexible enough to meet your exact requirements.


Manage-IT is our premium IT support package. It is fully featured and includes 24/7 remote monitoring and management, unlimited remote Service Desk support, as much onsite engineering time as you need plus a full range of flexible options to suit the most demanding scenarios.


It includes everything provided within our Monitor-IT, Remote-IT and Support-IT packages, and adds high level business features and complete flexibility.


Your complete outsourced ICT team

For most companies, ICT is recognized as a critical and strategic component of their organization, necessary for successful operation – something that the business cannot live without.


We offer a cost-effective strategic ICT resource, going beyond technical and engineering resource, offering everything needed from ICT to form the platform for high growth, with strategic ICT planning and development.


Far more than simple IT support, this package is unmatched for price and service level and gives you a complete outsourced ICT team right up to directorship level.