Our Virtual IT Director and Virtual CIO service will provide you with the full expertise and capability of an experienced IT professional, ensuring your success at board level through strategic investment and use of technology.


Embracing Digital Transformation

Forward thinking organization are increasingly looking to digital advancements and new technologies in order to grow and survive in a competitive business environment. But choosing the right technologies, services, processes and people to achieve digital transformation can be risky, time consuming and costly.


With the expertise of our Virtual IT Director, we’ll ensure that your ICT strategy forms a solid platform to aid future growth and success. We will help minimize risks, maximize efficiency and plan to achieve your business goals.


Why Choose a Virtual CIO (vCIO)?

Typically, SME companies do not have the benefit of a board level representative with a strong blend of commercial, leadership and technology skills to direct the process of digital transformation.

Primarily, this is often due to the cost of employing such an individual and the business requirements not necessitating a full-time position. A Virtual CIO is an ideal solution.


Whether you’re an ambitious start-up, SME or commercial enterprise, our Virtual IT Directors can help. With proven skills across a wide range of sectors, we have the experience to design and implement the services, solutions and strategy to deliver a wide range of business goals.


Responsible for ensuring all elements of technology work well together, we’ll make sure your ICT is strategically sound and above all, provides a measured return on investment.


How You’ll Benefit From our Virtual CIO Services

Our Virtual CIO will be a fully present and active member of your team, available at key business meetings and responsible for driving positive change to help you maximize the opportunities ICT enables.


The key benefits to our Virtual CIO services includes: